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COVID19 is impacting our businesses and jobs. Giving away our Talent Commerce Platform for free is a way to say "We Care". Now, Hire for free.

Outplace your talent impacted by COVID19

All registered customers can now confidentially share the resumes of the impacted employees on SCIKEY. After logging in, look for "Outplace Candidates" option on the dashboard menu. SCIKEY algorithms will position the matching candidates as its first choice for any new job opening, increasing their chances for any kind of hiring opportunity.


Six reasons to switch over to  SCIKEY Talent Marketplace for all Talent needs

SCIKEY has ecosystem of partners across the world who provide qualified resumes on the jobs posted in near real time. This adds up with other sources of sourcing talent. It works both as a SaaS and as a Marketplace giving best outcomes. Resumes from crowd, vendors, employees and those directly applied by the candidates are assembled at one place, fully rated and sorted in a flash. 

This platform starts at posting of jobs and ends with candidate joining making it end to end platform. High degree of automation ensures upto 80% time saving, more choices of full time & contract workforce with better quality. US EEOC Compliant, GDPR compliant and highly secure platform that ensure complete data security and regulation standards globally.

SCIKEY has integrated soft skill measuring engine that is built on patented (applied) MindMatch algorithm. Its AI algorithm ensures highly accurate skill matching and extends the MindMatch algorithm to behavioral matching of hiring team and even the organizational alignment that has never been done by any hiring platform.

SCIKEY Talent Commerce platform seamlessly integrates every function required for talent management. Hiring, contracting, managing deals, sourcing candidates virtually and manage large number of crowd network. This is one such unique platform that eliminates need for any other talent platform.

SCIKEY Global Talent Solutions provides variety of options for traditional hiring and contracting teams at premises of the customer, offshore locations and even virtual (other) locations that is managed by SCIKEY program managers.

SCIKEY team has its own development team, account managers and partners who can help the client with needed handholding and continuous support. Virtual recruiters can eliminate the need for large recruitment teams and can be highly cost effective.


Online managed marketplace with end to end hiring automation, that provides convenience, choices and best rates for talents globally. 

SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform

Post unlimited job requirements

Your job post goes live on all SCIKEY integrated sourcing channels, in just one click. Sit back & relax, while our smart sourcing engine works for you; be that for contract, full time, virtual, onpremise or offshore needs.


Select the sourced candidates

Get qualified resumes free, auto-filtered & ranked; from all channels. Interview whom you like and hire or contract the best fit by making an offer online using inbuild ATS. Auto hard & soft skill matching engine and cost comparison that speeds up your selection process.


Onboard as per the choice and co-govern 

Need talent on premise, off-shore location in our premises or virtual location? One person or a team? Full time or contract? Managed by SCIKEY, Co-managed or completely managed by the client? You have all choices that are governed by SCIKEY client support team.


Get online opportunities for talent hiring and staffing needs. 


Register as a Supplier 

Visit our Partner Page and see what kind of partner/ supplier you can become (Vendor Partner for staffing needs & Talent Partner for Hiring). You can start with joining as Talent Partner (Seller) to Vendor Partner if you have the means to service customers. 


Start getting opportunities

SCIKEY will automatically start pushing relevant talent opportunities on the dashboard that a partner can respond to with relevant resumes.


Ensure Selection & Earn

Track the selection process. If the presented candidate gets hired, you get paid based on your agreed payment terms by SCIKEY.


Get the best soft skill and hard skill matched opportunities for full time and contract jobs


Register & Create profile

Use innovative digital resume (Fresume) and get MindMatch assessed (Soft Skill) to enhance your chances for getting best matched opportunity for variety of job options, globally.


Show Interest (Apply)

Application is very simple. Just click "Show Interest" and SCIKEY platform will enable everything else. 


Get Selected 

Get notified about the selection process status till the end. If you get selected, SCIKEY Talent consultant will guide you for the rest.

SCIKEY Demo Videos

Platform Demo Videos

If you are a company looking for full time hiring and contract hiring automation platform, your search ends here. Want to have a demo? We have all the demos captured in these guided videos. See the videos and try the platform by registering and using it completely free. 


Talent Commerce Platform Vs. The rest

How SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform is different from other marketplaces & popular talent solutions

Features Freelancer Marketplace Job Boards Job Aggregators ATS Solutions SCIKEY
Job Posting for direct applicationOnly for Freelancers
Sourcing CandidatesOnly Freelancers
Application tracking & selection
Hiring Automation
Free Candidate Database
Employee Referral
Vendor Partner Integration
Full Time, Contract & Virtual hiringFreelancers Only
Crowd network for sourcing talent
Talent Supplier Aggregation
Talent Partner Revenue 
Active support of experts
'FREE' Platform Access

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