An Exciting Weeklong Trip to Helsinki, Finland

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A Sneak peek into SCIKEY Co-Founder Shriram Viswanathan’s message to the Team SCIKEY after his first trip to Finland.

The city which figures in the top 5 list of innovative cities lived much to its expectation.

Firstly, the weather was great and fantastic, and you could see how the locals enjoyed the sunny yet cool setting.

Secondly, the highlight of the trip was the spirit of entrepreneurship that can be sensed throughout the many interactions we had with start-up founders, investors, academicians, facilitators. The warmth of the people, eagerness to learn and share, welcoming posture, and overall the sense of purpose they bring to the table was more refreshing than the weather.

Thirdly, a sneak preview into the education system and the research-oriented mindset makes me believe we did the right thing by setting up a company there and tapping into this great talent that is ready to explore, willing to experiment and take on challenges.

Personally, an eye-opener into the spirit of Helsinki and Finland.

Shriram Viswanathan

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With more than 25+ years of experience leading global consulting teams across various domains including Banking, Financial Services, Equities and Capital Markets, Retail and Insurance, Shriram is a specialist in transforming businesses using Innovation as a pivot to provide sustainable growth and profitability. His exposure to various facets of domain and technology with a focus on User Experience over the years gives him the ability to tap into the right technology levers.