Is It worth Getting the Resume Prepared by a Professional – The Story of Fresume

The Story of Fresume

“Is it worth getting the resume prepared by a professional (mostly as a paid service)”, was one of the questions I was asked by a young man who was sitting next to me in during a recent industry event. Before I could share my viewpoint in response to his question, I was slightly tempted to ask him what provoked him to ask this question. Leaving that as a secondary thought I focused on answering the primary question. But before I could reply he said something I was delighted to hear but was not expecting it at all. He went on to say “I have read about the recent launch of your tech start-up – SCIKEY and the way it promises a 21st Century Hiring Experience to both job seekers and employers. Since a Resume is the first basic thing for a Job Seeker as well as an Employer; I seek your expert viewpoint on whether it is worth getting the resume prepared by a professional (that is mostly offered as a paid service).”

Although it comes across as a very simple and straightforward question, there is no one simple answer as there are multiple viewpoints to this. While some clearly argue in favor of getting professional help in getting the resume prepared (but that being said, I hope your professional writer is going to meet/speak with you in-depth while working on your resume), there are many who feel otherwise. And, as we know our work experience, success stories, areas of expertise better than anyone else, it is best that we prepare our resume content ourselves and at best get some help from friends, mentors, seniors on getting the language and aesthetics better if you really think there is a need for that.

So, what was my response to him? Well, simple – If your Resume can get you to the Interview room, its job is done. And, therefore at SCIKEY, we have solved this problem too by a unique feature called – Fresume; that stands for ‘Fresh look at Resume’. It is a total digital resume that captures all your work experience, academic achievements, success stories and a lot more(like your MindMatch score, top 3 personality blessings etc. that your employer would be highly impressed to know) in the most unique and aesthetically beautiful way possible; just by a few clicks.

As of now, a few FRESUME templates are live and the SCIKEY team is working hard to get you at least 365 different digital templates so that the job seekers can play with a new resume template each day. I believe he was happy to receive the response & happier to explore this feature at SCIKEY; as I did see his profile registered with us as a Job Seeker at SCIKEY, a few days back.

To explore more about Fresume, you may register at the SCIKEY & also take up the SCIKEY assessment to get a complimentary Think Success Report. Have fun.

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