Talent Alignment Platform

Engage them better with their jobs, harmonize them better with their teams and align them better with the organizational vision using the power of SCIKEY MindMatch Algorithm.


“If you could get all the people in your organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time”
(Patrick Lencioni)

Benefits of SCIKEY Talent Alignment Platform

SCIKEY TAP has potential to provide better insights to any people related decision making

Better Change Management

Reduced Attrition

Improved Team Harmony

Better Employee Engagement

Better Job Alignment

Better Organizational Alignment

Better Succession Planning

Better People Knowledge with Leadership

People insights 24x7 with Talent Alignment Platform

Keep a track of your organizational alignment abilities 

Fast, Scalable & Dynamic

It is lightening fast and takes just 20 minutes to complete per person. TAP covers any number of employees as it is highly scalable. Platform is available 24x7 and dynamically changes as the company employee data gets updated with new coming in and few going out.

For continuous reference

TAP provides continuous reference for People and Team leaders. No regular update needed from employees who have already give the assessment. Assessments can be retaken once in 2 years. TAP is GDPR Compliant and the outcome is secured for need to know basis.

Know your people better to maximize their potential

Read and analyze the mindset of your team to enable a happier and productive workplace

As Individuals - 'Mindset Map'

Understand the mindset of your employees using the Mindset map generated by SCIKEY TAP.

Hiring the right talent

As a Company - 'Org MindMatch'

It is important that every employee in your organization is aligned to the vision, values and goals that are set for the organizational success. Know the gaps and align the teams better. 

Hire the best candidate

As Teams - 'Team MindMatch'

Understand how your teams can be aligned to be harmonized and winning ones for your organization.

Retaining the best talent

How it works

Talent Alignment Platform is very easy to implement 


Setup TAP Platform

Just upload the employee file with employee official email address and some answers to some custom questions on the platform. This stage is done by a SCIKEY TAP Certified professional and takes not more than a day.


Trigger MindMatch Assessment

This stage is all about pressing a button once the setup is complete. The assessment that takes just 20 minutes per person. Every participant gets their own custom report instantly after completing the assessment.


Analyze Data

SCIKEY TAP Platform instantly generates four type of reports apart from the report that goes to employees directly. The Mindset Report, Team Matching Report, Organization Alignment and Talent Heat Map report. The maps are cryptic and needs SCIKEY Certified professionals to analyse the output.


Data Validation

Data validation is done on the ground by sampling. Validations with individual mindset, Job, Team and Organization MindMatch. This stage can take betweem one to seven days depending on the size of the organization.


Intervention Design and Implementation

Once problems are identified and validated based on the reports generated, in order to take maximum benefit from this exercise, interventions are designed and implemented to improve overall organisational outcome.


Continuous Analysis and Improvement

Based on new people joining and others leaving the organization, the organizational data changes. 'Alignment Ability' of the company can be continuously improved by strengthening the weak links and harnessing the strengths.

Following the Global Standards & Best Practices

Based on research from renowned validated theories, combined with internal research

The FFM Theory

The Five Factor Model (FFM) is a theory based upon the Big Five personality traits, identified as: openness to new experiences, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

Daniel Goleman’s EI Framework

Goleman’s framework describes Emotional Intelligence in terms of five realms that are split among four sections. Two of these realms are related to personal competencies while others are related to social competencies.

Martin Saligman’s PREMA model

The model helps in understanding the key elements affecting an individual’s happiness.

SCIKEY Compliances

SCIKEY Research with its team in India and Finland comes out with lots of insights that are shared to the world in form of white-papers. Visit our dedicated SCIKEY Research page and explore all new reports, surveys, articles, blogs and interviews. 


Become SCIKEY TAP Certified Consultant

SCIKEY Certification program has been created to train “HR Professionals”, “HR Consultants” and “People Consultants like coach, mentors and CXOs” to get a deeper insight on the human mindset and their resulting behaviour. The program is a combination of digital and classroom program. The four level of certification ensures that the certified experts are able to independently consult using SCIKEY Talent Alignment Platform and create a great earning opportunity for themselves or their organizations.  

4 Courses

5 days

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